Tuesday, 23 March 2010


if you have known about this, let me just remind you once again.

turn off your non-essential light and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change!!

on March, 27 2010
from 08.30 p.m - 09.30

ONLY FOR AN HOUR! you can save our beloved earth!

I HAVE CHANGED MY BACKGROUND COLOUR! MANY THANKS to Mich for the info, and to Gilbert Ganda for showing me how to change the colour, i totally forgot *just realized how stupid am i*

for more information about Indonesia 2010 Earth Hour, you can click here



sure will live without any light for an hour to save our momma earth

thanks for reminding c piping :)


michellehendra said...

super agree! I LOVE MY EARTH.. miss u anyway. :)


Anonymous said...

yey!! go go earth hour.so jgn cuma matiin lampu,tapi semua alat listrik kamu ya :)

Fi said...

imagenya artistik 60 hours!

fhen said...

totally support the earth hour!
miss you loaddsss verinaaaa :(


beckyxoxo said...

Woohoo let's save the earth ! Hahaha . Love the video , bagus yah ping :D

Anonymous said...

yaay lets support the earth hour! :D


devishanty said...

let's save our mother earth :)

febrina utami putri said...

ayo matikan lampu!!!!matiin bb jg ga yah hahahahaha, gw rasa ga bs klo bb hehehe

Erlia 冯婉婷 said...

support earth hour!!
nice post ^^

Liz said...

Yay to earth hour! random facts: I met the dude who invents the earth hour last year. He's one awesome guy :)

Anonymous said...

lets support earth hour!
check and comment my latest post ci piping, xoxo :)

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I will definitely be participating in earth hour!

Owen said...

nice post, love the video :)
thanks for the comment hehee

Melanie M said...

Isn't this such a great cause? I completely adore your blog! You're friggin' ADOOOORABLE. :)


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

save the earth!! stop global warming. ci piping postny brguna bgt. ak ga tau ad earth hour tdny. haha

xoxo nathalie

Tabitha said...

ahh, i think i know the reason you changed your layout color. hehe
black is good decide!

check on my new post
beauty splashes

AlvianaKalin said...

I've saved the world! :D lantai 2 g gelap gulita bak mati lampu lohh...hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

that's so great of u to join the earth hour!
btw, we didn't meet at g.i, that's too bad

Castor Pollux

michelle_ said...

we love earth :D
thanks for changing ur background to black ! i think u're one of the few ones who changed it..ada sapa lg nga sih yg ganti ? hehe

Aurelia Lyana said...

nice blog! wanna visit mine? :)

blackecstasy said...

yes for sure my lovely darla! hehe..
kamu jg kan?
have a great weekend sayang
yudia aiiu

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

yes, save our earth! nice video btw :)

check out my tumblr : fierceberry
check out my blog : queer queen

beckyxoxo said...

Piping where's the new post ? awkwkakaka